About the Ruck

The Peace Officers Memorial Endurance Ruck came about as a method to support the mentoring and leadership training of the boys involved in the Trail Life Troop IN-1685. The leaders of IN-1685 had numerous goals for the troop, they included:

  • A way for the Troop to recognize and honor the heroes in our community.

  • A way for the Troop to be a part of the planning and leadership of a large complex goal.

  • A way to support the physical training of the Troop, helping those involved to push past their mental and physical limits.

  • A way for the Troop members to build community and friendships outside of our immediate group.

  • A way of raising funds for the Troop that we could repeat each year.

  • A way of volunteering within our community.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Community Foundation a 501(c)(3) charitable organization creating opportunities for the community and law enforcement to support each other. They help provide for those less fortunate in our community, support their employees, and build strong relationships in our community.